Lost Soul Band footage

5 01 2011

You can find a fair few videos of The Lost Soul Band on YouTube. A fresh batch has been uploaded, showing us playing our songs at the recent gigs in Edinburgh’s Liquid Rooms and Glasgow’s King Tut’s.

Lost Soul Band perform at Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh December 2010It’s a real treat for me to hear these tracks. Onstage things sound very different. Brian is an extremely loud drummer and I can’t hear Gav or Adrian all that clearly. It’s great to hear how well everything is working together. And holy crap, Adrian can play that geetar, can’t he?

Having a particular interest in listening to the lower frequencies, I do recommend that you choose the 720p setting for the playbacks on YouTube – you might have to choose that setting and pause the video straight away, give it a wee while to download enough to get ahead of itself, then start it playing. Also, you’ve got to listen to them through good speakers or headphones – rather than the speakers on your phone or laptop.

A few folk have shot us and they’re very good and I’m very grateful but if I were to choose one channel to view it would be Ruth Blaney’s IGetSpellbound channel. She’s probably got the most stuff and you’ll be able to watch footage of Scotland’s second best band; Teenage Fanclub, among others. Once again, big thanks to Ruth Blaney for having the patience, and a good enough device, to record these.

You might also want to check out Gordon’s YouTube channel Sheebhar (anyone remember sheebhar?). He’s got lots of links to LSB stuff and there are, of course, many excellent videos and recordings of him in his Lucky Jim skin.

Happy viewing.




Glasgow and Edinburgh, December 2010

30 12 2010

Photo of LSB soundchecking at Liquid Rooms, EdinburghOnce again, I’ve had a thoroughly magic time playing with the guys and I’ve had the thrill of seeing faces smiling out from the crowd. I’m a happy, lucky guy.

I want to thank everyone at King Tuts and the Liquid Rooms for letting us have such great nights in their venues. Thanks Dave from DFConcerts. Thanks to those in the other bands who played with us – most pleasant surprise was how great Callum Beattie was. The biggest thanks, of course, goes out to everyone who came along to see us. I hope you enjoyed it.

Who knows what we’ll do next. I certainly don’t. We talk a lot about recording new material. That would definitely give us more impetus to tour more widely, but we’re scattered across UK and Germany now and we’ve all got other things going on. Organising stuff is difficult. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook (links in the sidebar) to hear what’s next.

The photo of us above was taken at the soundcheck for the Liquid Rooms gig, by Colin from Ten Storeys High. Yes, he has an iPhone with Hipstamatic.

There are more photos around and I know of two people who are promising to put up videos of the two gigs on YouTube. I’ll write a post giving details.

Cheers for now.


Coming Together

26 12 2010

This weather has been screwing things around but it finally looks as if this are coming together. Brian has made it across from Germany and Gordon and Adrian are flying up tomorrow morning.

PreacherSupport for the Glasgow gig will be provided by Preacher You can see what to expect from their MySpace profile. I’m thinking that anyone mentioning The Who as an influence is going to be good. I’ve been in touch with Davy from the band and I look forward very much to seeing them.

Also, a Glasgow gig would not be complete without some involvement from Sandy Man and his new band, The Yesterdays, will be opening the night. I don’t think there’s anything of theirs on the web I can link to but, hey, it’s Sandy Man. It’s going to be good.

Ten Storeys HighFor Edinburgh we’re very happy to have the mighty Ten Storeys High playing with us again – and not only because they’re letting us use their drumkit. They released a new album a couple of months ago. You can read all about their latest activities on their excellent blog.

We’re also very excited to have Callum Beattie, winner of recent Forth FM One To Watch, opening the show for us. You can see his audition for some X Factor type competition here.

So, all of a sudden it’s all coming together.

Excellent. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Me reading Bass guitar for dummiesNow I can settle back and read the book I got for Christmas.

Borderline review

14 12 2010

It’s now less than two weeks to the first of our Scotland Christmas shows.

Damn! How did they sneak up on me?

Gareth Hayes wrote a review about the gig we performed at The Borderline in September:

Review of The Lost Soul Band at The Borderline, London, September 2010

So do come along to the next stage of our rebirth. Eow! This is starting to gross me out!

Scotland Gigs 2010

21 09 2010

It’s official. The Lost Soul Band are to give two performances in Scotland this year.

27th December 2010 at King Tut’s – Glasgow

28th December 2010 at Liquid Rooms – Edinburgh

We will be joined once again by Adrian Oxaal on guitar.

"Gordon, with me in the background, at The Borderline September 2010"

"Gordon, with me in the background, at The Borderline September 2010"

Tickets are now on sale for both gigs at the respective Tuts and Liquid Rooms websites and box offices, on Ticketmaster, GigsInScotland and the all the usual outlets.

I’m very excited about these gigs. It’ll be great to play in the newly refurbished Liquid Rooms (which burned down the week before we were due to play ther in 2008) and it’s always a treat to do Tut’s. Support for these shows has not yet been confirmed, but I’ll keep you posted here as soon as anything has been confirmed.


Borderline videos

10 09 2010

The Borderline gig was great. When I think back to it I realise that we are the very type of band I would love to see.

Ruthie recorded some of the songs on her phone and is uploading the videos to her YouTube channel. One of my favourites so far has got to be this one:

Big thanks to Ruthie for taking the time to make these available. We’re her #1 fan.

Keep tabs on this blog, our twitter or facebook pages for news of what we’re up to around Christmas 2010.



London, Borderline

6 09 2010

It’s difficult to try and rationalise how it was on Saturday night because it seemed like some force or spirit we had never encountered before had taken charge of things and we were bound to obey.

Yes, Mike wasn’t with us – so no keys. Also, Anne, who has done our sound for ever wasn’t there. The last time any of us had played together was Dec 2008 and we had a second guitar who none of us (except Gordon) had played with before. It could have gone horribly wrong but by the time we’d ran through bits of the first couple of  songs for the soundcheck, we all knew it was going to be good.

I think, individually, we gave some of our best performances. It was an absolute treat to hear some of the stuff Adrian was playing. I loved how we sounded and enjoyed playing that gig, so much.

So thanks Adrian, for helping us out. Thanks to the Borderline staff – Patrick for great sound, Carrina, James and Gemma. The Morning Orchestra were great. We wish them all the very best. Ben Townsend is also a fantastic talent. And thanks to everyone who came along.

It would be great to get anyone else’s impression of the gig. Feel free to leave one in the comments box.